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Help - DTC P0725 and P0335 (Check Engine)

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Default Help - DTC P0725 and P0335 (Check Engine)

My wifes 2004 Altima 2.5S came up with a Service Engine Soon.
I hooked up with a OBD II reader and came up with:
P0725 - Engine Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction
P0335 - Cranshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction
The car seems to be running fine with no problems and the codes has not returned yet. Should I still bring the Altima in to the dealer?
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Default RE: Help - DTC P0725 and P0335 (Check Engine)

you can if you want.the crankshaft sensor is going south on you and you need to get that changed. trust me it will start to get worse.
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Default RE: Help - DTC P0725 and P0335 (Check Engine)

If your Scan Tool has the ability to "reset" the scan code (fault codes) do that first!
You may have experienced a false reading for some reason.

If the codes stay clear then you have saved $90 or more!

You can take it to the dealer if the codes return again and the car loses efficiency!
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Default RE: Help - DTC P0725 and P0335 (Check Engine)

The car actually stalled when I came to a stop in a parking lot when I was testing the car... No SES light yet, but it did code the same 2 codes. I'll be taking it to the dealer today, I'm hoping the drivetrain warranty covers this repair (wishful thinking).
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Default RE: Help - DTC P0725 and P0335 (Check Engine)

i had that problem too all i did was replace the sensor and it runs good.check here it may help solve the problem:
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Default RE: Help - DTC P0725 and P0335 (Check Engine)

I just started to receivethese codesafter a visit to the mechanic (no problem/codes before visit). They relearned myidleand reprogrammed my ECM. Is thereany relation to the 2 issues.
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Unhappy I am having the same problem!!!

About three days ago my car stalled.. a day after the SE light went on and I could tell that it is getting worst as my 2004 Nissan Altima continues to stall and has trouble starting.

My fiance checked the codes and its P0335 & P0725.. I can not believe we are all having the same problem!!

Tomorrow I am taking my car to the dealership.. I hope they can fix it quickly and not be too expensive.
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You didn't share your experience when you went and met your dealer.Wat dealer said.Is your problem solved or still troubling you.
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Talking response to juliarichard34


The weekend that my car got the SES light on was on Labor day weekend which made the Nissan Dealership be closed on Monday (the only day I was available ).

So, I was talking to a friend and her husband s a mechanic and he researched online, told me to go to Autozone to purchase the part.. $30 something.. and he put it in within an hour and I have had no problem since!!

I wish I remembered the name of the part.. but I would really recommend someone you know who knows about cars to replace it. There is so much info online about this problem and the part. The only thing he said was that he needed a mirror to put the part in.

Anyways, I hope this answers your question..
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These errors are related to the December 2007 recall...

Specifically recall #
2005 Nissan ALTIMA Recall ID from NHTSA: 07V527000

This is 100% covered by the dealer and if you have replaced anything make sure to argue for reimbursement since the dealer did not alert you to this. Nothing you replaced will fix the main issue as it is the ECM that needs to be reprogrammed. Hope this helps.

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